Satisfied Veteran Buyer

I am a Vietnam Era veteran (Senior Medical Sgt., 6th Special Forces Group, Center for Special Warfare, Ft. Bragg, NC) who found himself in a terrible situation, being evicted and not able to find an apartment to move into because of the lack of dog friendly places for me and my emotional support dog. I had 3 Realtors and myself looking for over a year with only one showing presented to me. My focus starting the search had been Beverly but was enlarged to Danvers and Gloucester. The stays of execution of the eviction had run out. I needed to find a place that would accept me and my dog… Fast!

I presented my situation to a long time Realtor friend, Mike Cotraro. Mike referred me to Linda Turcotte, a Buyer’s Agent with Keller Williams Realty. I had just enrolled in the VA medical and had been awarded an 80% disability. At this time, I also became aware of the benefit available to me in the form of a VA home loan, which would open the possibility of purchasing a condo. My veteran friends referred me to Rick Bettencourt, Branch Manager of Mortgage Network to guide me through obtaining the VA home loan.

In record time this dynamic team of Linda and Rick found me a dog friendly condo and got me a VA home loan. This was something I had considered impossible based on my past experience trying to find an affordable apartment. I did not even consider that I could afford my own condo. Rick was able to get the proper VA approvals for the condominium in record time and secured a 100% loan with no down payment. My total condo payments are surprisingly affordable and the place is mine!

Thank you Linda and Rick!!!

Frank A.

— Frank A.